Saturday, August 23, 2008

Started Swimming!

Hey congrats on your book!! All the best for it & u to do well.

I was like a hesitant novice having shivers before getting into a swimming pool, for getting into blogging, nothing else, u thot it was something else, probably the build up was too high there.

Not sure if it was 2004 or 5 surely not 6 when this (to blog) idea blossomed, (the poor idea dint know it was soon to be nipped). I m having some enthu & encouragement reading through ur posts. I m new to blogging( both writing & reading blogs). Have not read (m)any of them, I may have but I dont remember or recollect anything except couple of my friends' blogs.

I was wondering now that u ve become a novelist and published ur book, wd you still continue ur blogging? or let me put it this way- still leave ur words for free on the net.. or would u think you are wasting ur words which, if saved for another platform (read: book) would not go into the millions of bytes consuming the blogosphere for free!

Take your time, if you consider its worth replying pls do. I wd not ve stumbled on your blog but for ur book release ads, i think the ads work better for ur blogs than for d book, nevertheless interest in one wd fuel the interest in the other.


PS:The subject is made to appear more impressive with no connection to the text of this email just to make sure this mail does not get lost in all the congratulatory email messages yu wd ve received.
Best of Luck once again, I really enjoyed reading ur blogs, shall try to lay my hands on ur book.

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